THE WIZARD OF RA – Illustrated english version


The Wizard of Ra, a seemingly surreal novel, conceals a message of awareness: awakening us to the future of Artificial Intelligence in contemporary society and to the difficult situation of young people today.

The narrative style draws from classical fiction, contemporary American films, the themes and technologies of science fiction, and the little-explored sensibilities of adolescents, who are ever more isolated in their rejection of the role models offered them by their parents and schools.

At a time when cutting-edge A.I. is gaining ground over humanism, putting human happiness at risk by taking away work and hope for the future, three teenagers take up the weapons they have and fight this social predicament.

The writing is fluid and entertaining. The engaging story is made more interesting by detailed depictions of the characters and their troubled lives. Full of unexpected events, the novel continues to intrigue and surprise the reader until the last stunning plot twist.

Illustrated by Emanuele Barillà

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